The first launch of the PULL UP screen.

  • 1. Navigate RegNo backward.
  • 2. Show current RegNo. Can key in the desirable RegNo.
  • 3. Navigate RegNo forward.
  • 4. No. of Representatives that student got.
  • 5. Start stop watch for 30 secs (it is optional and can key in No. of Reps without using it).
  • 6. Reset the Stop Watch.
  • 7. Select the class for conducting Pull Up.
  • 8. Go to main page.
  • 9. To see the report for current selected class. It shows students' record and points
  • 10. To see missing student list for current selected class.

After keying in No. of Reps and pressing "return" button, the current student's PULL UP record is sent to server if there is internet connection. If not, it will store inside the IPad and Sycronize it later by triggering 'SYNC' button in main page.